Sunday, 16 January 2011

Maximus Has A Peculiar Hobby.

Naughtius Maximus Extremus Macwhirter ('Max' for short) has never been the most normal of dogs. He seems at his most comfortable when he's upside down - not that he ever complains when that's not possible. He likes to give kisses all of the time, so care must be taken to keep oneself out of striking range of his tongue. That's not too difficult as long as one stays mindful about that. He also seems to be attached to his favourite yellow ball by some sort of cosmic force. We've been speculating as to the nature of said attachment - is the ball secretly his soul? Does it give him power? Mankind may never know the answer. 

But that's fairly normal compared to his newfound passion in life. Ladies and gentleman, my cocker spaniel is obsessed with pants.

Whenever anyone in our household changes the pants they are wearing, Max goes berserk. In a happy sort of way. There is no alternative - he gets an overriding compulsion to lick, lick, lick these new pants. It's just something he has to do. He gets so excited by it. 

It's not totally limited to pants, either. Skirts and shorts aren't always exempt. Sometimes, bare legs are just as fun for him. You can imagine that this would be a lot less fun for the rightful owner of the bare legs. As much as you try to assure him that it's really not a life changing thing, he won't listen. He can't listen. You're probably lying, anyway - he knows just how important the changing of the pants is. Max won't listen to your lies.

Pumba has a strange hobby too; he likes to lick the floor. However, we know for sure that he's not doing this out of amazement. Licking the floor just seems to be Pumba's personal little way of being a cheeky bugger. He seems to only do it when he knows we're watching and is always very slow about stopping. He also feels the need to go the long way when told to come back inside, just to stick it to the system. Or something. 

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