Friday, 13 April 2012

I Hate CD Cases With Two Disks Inside Them A Lot


People are supposed to only have one thing they hate most in life. I have many things I hate most in life because I'm a whimsical flighty little ball of anger. The relatively benign yet undeniably and unendingly irritating thing I've decided to focus on and hate more than every other thing today is the way they make two-disc CD jewel-cases.

When I see this...

My face does this.

There has got to be a less armpit curlingly frustrating way to deliver bonus content. Don't get me wrong, it's not the extra discs in and of themselves that annoy me. They're in the clear. It's the packaging, which is guaranteed to lead to swearing every fucking time. Allow me to demonstrate.

And oftentimes, the flippy thing that contains the booby-trapped shuriken weaponry that is somehow passed off and sold at major retail chains as CDs comes with said poorly disguised weaponry. Is there a single person on this planet who can successfully get both CDs out of the case without one of them falling over and happening to make you let out a string of cusses colourful enough to make the most hardened 4channer blush? That person sure as shit isn't me, as sad as it is. I always end up with the CDs all over the floordrobe or desk (whichever I happen to be furthest from at the time of the case's opening [whether I choose to open it or otherwise]). And I don't want the CDs on the floor. That is not a sensical thing to want. But it seems they have willful, rebellious minds of their own.

It's not that I don't want those invaluable extra tracks on "Sugoi: THE OST". I just don't want them landing everywhere.


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