Monday, 23 April 2012

My Opinions On Every Pokémon Ever: 021, Spearow to 024, Arbok.

Spearow is one hoopy frood and I'll bet you anything it knows where its towel is. As an alternative to Pidgey, I like it. It really does just look like the more fearsome version of Pidgey, but that's okay. It's not ripped wholesale from Pidgey's design so I've got no problem with it. I like its black back and red wings, too. They look neato.

Spearow also has the honour of having one of the coolest shiny colour schemes, too. The yellow and black theme looks pretty downright badass. Downright sugoi, even. I like its little hooked beak, too. It's obviously designed to rend flesh from the bones of its prey in the most adorably efficient way known to modern man.

022: FEAROW.
Unfortunately, I just don't like Fearow as much as Spearow. That's not to say that I dislike Fearow - not at all - but I just don't believe it's a good evolution for Spearow. I don't think their designs work together.

Something I do like about Fearow, though, is how weirdly long its beak and neck are. They certainly do help it to look a little more fearsome, as its name suggests that it should. It reminds me a little of an angry, weaponised flamingo. Said flamingo probably dyed its sensible pink hair that wild, crazy shade of brown in a show of rebellion against some kind of system it hated. Ask any ornithologist, they'll be happy to verify my claims. 

 023: EKANS.
You've got to be cool to hang out with Team Rocket. They are the smoothest of the smooth at any given time. 

Purple and yellow is a cool colour scheme. I don't mean cool as in cool versus warm colours, but cool as in super slick and fly like those hip young kids and their internets. That breed of cool.

I guess you can tell when I don't have much to say by the amount of bullshit I spout. Ekans is a rattlesnake. A big one. That's enough analysis of it. Just be happy I didn't write this entire part of the post in sdrawkcab speak.  

024: ARBOK.
You can say more about Arbok than you can about Ekans, I believe. That pattern on its hood is pretty neat! Fake eyespots are a cool thing to have, though I'm not sure how ultra-effective they'd be on a creature's chest! There are also apparently six different kinds of design an Arbok can have, which I like.

Arbok looks a good deal more intelligent than Ekans. I guess it might be the eyes. Arbok's are less snake-like than Ekans. You'd think that wouldn't be a good thing for a snake Pokémon, but I think it works, seeing as Pokémon are at least semi-sentient. Ekans looks more like just a fancy animal than an actual Pokémon, but its evolution looks Pokémonnish enough for my tastes. 

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