Monday, 30 April 2012

My Opinions On Every Pokémon Ever: 025, Pikachu and 026, Raichu.

As far as I have been led to believe, it is heinous (not to mention highly illegal) to speak ill of our saviour, ambassador and foreign representative, Pikachu. From that adorable chubby wubby face will come forth a torrent of electric fury to those who would stand against him. Only the Team known as Rocket and the Ketchum known as Ash are strong enough to withstand its devastating effects.

TL;DR: Pikachu is cute as heck.

I think it's interesting to note that originally, Ash (well, Satoshi) was supposed to be given a Rattata as a companion, but the random insignificant monster Pikachu had such insane popularity that it was chosen in Rattata's stead. You've got to be a pretty great to be an Ensemble Dark Horse in an ensemble of one hundred and fifty one!

026: RAICHU.
In favour of its more well known and well loved prevolution, Raichu is very often overlooked. In fact, the most attention I've ever seen it receive is the whole 'I'm not gonna Raichu a love song' joke. It's understandable, considering the fact that Pikachu is the poster child for Pokémon.

But I'm going to go ahead and say it.

Raichu's better.

For starters, let's look at that tail. That is a much cooler shape than Pikachu's. Though the allusion to electricity is even more heavy handed in this case (being an outright classic lightning bolt as opposed to zig zags), I think it's a more aesthetically pleasing shape. Contrast the sharpness of that with its curly wurly ears. Holy kittens with purple argyle handmade mittens I love those curly wurly ears. They're just too fucking precious.

And one simply cannot ignore its chocolate dipped banana paws. They're the stuff of legends. I guess Raichu's colour scheme does not stand out as much as the yellow-and-red Pikachu, but to me, that doesn't matter.


  1. If it's illegal to hate Pikachu, then call me a criminal. I don't much like mice to begin with, but give them electricity and make them annoyingly common, then take one of them and turn it into Creator's Pet/God Mode Sue (the losses don't come often enough to mitigate that)... Yeah.

    1. Them's fightin' words. You're a brave man for saying that in public. Your only hope now is to hope the God Mode Sue doesn't find out.

  2. Actually, Ash was going to be given a Clefairy, not a Ratatta. I dunno who told you that :P

    1. Hm, that's different to what I'd heard before! I can't actually remember where I read the Rattata thing, which is really annoying.

      I'm glad they didn't pick Clefairy though. Clefairy is horribad.


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