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My Opinions On Every Pokémon Ever: 029, Nidoran to 034, Nidoking

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Due to the nature of the following six Pokémon, I'll be opining about them in pairs.

 029 and 032: NIDORAN.
 Pretty sure these little guys are meant to be bunny dinosaurs. Can't be one hundred percent certain, but it seems likely to me. Look at that huge front tooth, it's cute as an unusually cute button. They're all tiny and cute and pretty endearing, until you realise just how annoying that 'poison' typing is when you're playing a Nuzlocke run and happen to come up against one of them. Well, to be fair, being poisoned is annoying even in a non-Nuzlocke run, but you understand how much worse it is when Nuzlocking.

Overlooking how annoying they are in Nuzlockes, I like these little guys. By now it's glaringly obvious that I like cute things, so I'll stop mentioning that for now. They were an interesting way of adding differences between genders before gender was even a real factor in the games. So that's pretty neat.

030: NIDORINA and

I suppose now is as good a time as any to mention that I like how the colour schemes work out. I think the whole blue/purple thing is rather nice. I think it's good how these two are also not as brightly coloured as their prevolutions. Though I do really like the colours of both flavours of Nidoran, the slight fading (and loss of purple tint, in Nidorina's case) is kind of fitting, seeing as they're getting all growed up and such.

It's also neat how one (Nidorina) has gone bipedal while the other (Nidorino) stays quadrupedal for an extra evolution. It's a cool little bit of variation that I like. It's probably easier to ram opponents with that horn as a quadruped for Nidorino anyway, so I guess it's sensical, too!

031: NIDOQUEEN and 

I'm not a huge fan of how Nidoqueen's colour has darkened - it doesn't quite look right or fit in, it should be paler - but other than that, I'm pretty
 cool with these two Pokémon. None of the bunny rabbit appearances from Nidoran are left in either of the fully evolved forms. Instead, they now look fierce, with ferocity fit for a King and Queen.

Oh yeah. I went there.

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  1. Actually, this line is based on Baragon from Godzilla. Even Nidoking is pretty identical.


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